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  1. 'Dentist to the Stars' strangles mom dead? Serial killer copycats Stephen King horror
  2. Nashville Mayor's cemetery sex romps with police bodyguard trigger criminal probe
  3. Major break in case of double life soccer mom murder
  4. Model wife tells hitman feed my hubby's ex to the wood-chipper, prosecutors say
  5. Desperate search for Wichita 5-year-old boy Lucas
  6. Tots looked like 'concentration camp survivors,' ate paint off walls
  7. Shocking new theory behind Vegas shooter killing spree
  8. 'Walmart monster' convicted sex predator kidnaps, assaults 8-yr-old girl from popula
  9. How a deadly school shooter 'slipped' through cracks and went on murder rampage
  10. Deadly school shooter’s teen victim tells horror story
  11. Shocking Valentine's Love Crimes
  12. Teen model shot running for her life: What happened to Bridget Shiel?
  13. Tara Grinstead's best friend searches for answers in beauty queen's disappearance & m
  14. Shocking murders live streamed
  15. What happened to missing disease researcher & Heather Locklear's sad slide
  16. Little Mariah Woods' suspected killer faces death penalty; Crackdown on people who sh
  17. 'Hot' teacher charged in illicit relationship with middle school boy & Mom to tot kil
  18. Cold case heats up: The search for Traci Pittman Kegley
  19. Mom confesses to killing 3 babies for 'constantly' crying & Missouri governor's sex s
  20. False accusations land three beautiful women behind bars
  21. Natalie Finn parents brought to justice for starving, torturing, killing teen daughte
  22. Jails to open the doors, let bad guys walk free under shocking new laws
  23. Missing but no forgotten: The case of Georgia twins Dannette & Jeannette Millbrooks
  24. Sinister Golden State serial killer walks among us, female victim who survived tells
  25. Did daughter murder mom at 5-star resort? Then stuff mom in bloody baggage? Bizarre t
  26. Neighbors from Hell: Kimberlee Morton's nightmare
  27. Did OJ Simpson confess to butchering Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman?
  28. The Texas Cadet Murder: The dark side of teen love & ambition
  29. Cherish Perrywinkle's mom speaks after killer gets death sentence
  30. Bizarre twist in Natalee Holloway case: Man who claims to have hidden her remains fat
  31. 5-year old tot boy Lucas missing now!
  32. FLA MASS shooter’s wife on trial. What did she know??
  33. Prominent lawyer Tex McIver killed rich wife for her money, prosecutors argue
  34. Texas hit-for-hire backfires; Newborn taken from hospital by questionable Indian trib
  35. Tot Mom Casey Anthony can’t keep her stories straight, machete man goes for tots in W
  36. 'The Keepers' mystery: Who killed Sister Cathy Cesnick
  37. 'Affluenza teen' kills four, walks free & other kid killers
  38. Missing Skelton brothers' dad talks -- but still doesn't reveal what happened to his
  39. Did 'American Psycho' film inspire 'cough syrup killer' Matthew Phelps to murder wife
  40. What happened to Stacy Peterson? Perv Jared Fogle demands freedom from child porn con
  41. 'Mother you don't want to mess with': Ex-cop seeks help in finding daughter's killer
  42. Convicted killer Adnan Syed gets a new trial in wake of 'Serial' revelations; Judge t
  43. Bombshell developments in the search for little Joe Clyde Daniels & the dangers of 'b
  44. Love behind bars: Women who marry convicted killers
  45. What happened to little Lucas Hernandez? The search goes on
  46. New charges in Tennessee cold case & Mom jailed after tot eats cannabis mac & cheese
  47. Pervy Jared Fogle claims he was tricked into pleading guilty; Hart family crash still
  48. Mom blames mystery babysitter for kids' hot car death & new 'killer clown' evidence
  49. Woman kills 'look alike' for ID after murdering hubby, cops say
  50. Justice delayed? Will bad acts catch up with Robert Blake & Bill Cosby?
  51. Carlie Brucia's killer may escape death penalty & Missy Bevers' killer still at large
  52. Waffle House shooter's delusions about Taylor Swift
  53. Lawyer Tex McIver guilty in wealthy wife's murder & fertility doctor fathers dozens o
  54. 'Grand Ma' killer caught & Willis family sex abuse victim speaks
  55. Dirty details on marriage after high-profile lawyer Tex McIver's wife shot dead, lead
  56. How the Golden State Killer raped, murdered & hid for decades
  57. Teen crushed to death as 911 operator, police ignore desperate plea for help
  58. Why is convicted sex offender Bill Cosby still free?
  59. Cops: Did TV actress try to recruit Harry Potter star Emma Watson into sex slave cult
  60. Hide & seek game turns deadly; Teen runs away with teacher; Pot smoking mom cooks kid
  61. Hero pets make human lives better!
  62. Cold case heats up! Who killed federal prosecutor Tom Wales?
  63. Golden State Killer survivors & victims' family speak live at CrimeCon 2018
  64. Live from CrimeCon: Little Abby & Libby's families beg for your help after girls' mu
  65. Are women missing for decades buried in Michigan woods?
  66. Missing Lucas Hernandez update & a young man's tragic death after an arrest mix up
  67. Who killed Lindsey Baum? Missing girl's remains found hidden in Washington woods
  68. Obsessed woman jailed after sending 65k texts to man after one date! Did Benedryl tri
  69. New laws give dangerous criminals 'get out of jail free' cards
  70. Teacher Rachel DelTondo, suspended for relationship with teen, is murdered
  71. Chaos at golfer Lucas Glover's home ends with wife's arrest & Missing Lucas Hernandez
  72. Santa Fe shooter, a teen boy church dance team member & JV football player, seen joki
  73. Cop's wife's cell phone searched for clues in fatal ambush of gorgeous teacher Rachel
  74. Jodi Arias thinks she's special; Kids die playing 'choking game'; New leads in murder
  75. Teen Ebby Steppach found yards away from where car was found in 3 years ago!
  76. Help find our missing children: 6 cases explored
  77. Chuckie Mauk: Boy killed on way home from candy store
  78. Husband seen dragging wife on cruise ship before she's found dead
  79. Private eye lures stepmom to reveal location of tot boy Lucas Hernandez’s tiny body
  80. Exclusive: Ride along as stepmom leads PI to little Lucas Hernandez body
  81. Dead North: A serial killer serves up victim as BBQ?
  82. Exclusive: Lucas Hernandez's father speaks to Nancy Grace about boys disappearance, d
  83. Inside NXIVM: How a Hollywood actress lured women into a sex cult
  84. Millionaire's girlfriend found hung in series of intricate knots. Murder or suicide?
  85. Dr. Teresa Sievers' husband accused of getting best friend to kill Florida doctor
  86. Breaking: Lucas Hernandez's step mom shot to death
  87. Unanswered questions in the death of little Lucas Hernandez
  88. Florida hostage standoff ends with 4 children dead & Strange twists in the mystery of
  89. Unsolved: Allison Foy vanished from NC bar, brutally stabbed to death
  90. Woman visits gyno, gets slapped with $1 million lawsuit; Newborn twins bludgeoned dea
  91. 10 years later: New revelations about Casey Anthony's anger when asked to help find m
  92. Missing people & silent suspects - The cases of mom Joleen Cummings & little Owen Hid
  93. Disney worker found dead in fire pit & doctor charged with murder after 1988 rape
  94. Mom, dad, little boy found murdered, burned in Texas fire pit
  95. Grieving father of child killed in school bus crash demands better protections for ou
  96. Lucas Hernandez mystery: Shocking details emerge, 'stepmom' Emily Glass found dead in
  97. Bill Cosby fires lawyers as sex assault sentencing nears & the Tony Drumwright cold c
  98. Road rage killer, 'Loser Lois' & Cheerleader charged with killing baby
  99. Houston mom disappears after dropping toddler at babysitter - Help us find Maria
  100. Hungry cops turned away by Burger King? Inside Heather Locklear's meltdown
  101. Autopsies & 911 calls bring new clues in Lucas Hernandez mystery
  102. College student avoids max penalty for killing 13-year-old after 'secret date'
  103. HEAR 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez 911 call; New Thriller 'Last Time I Lied,' Riley Sage
  104. Mom fears worst for missing soldier & HEAR a special 4th of July song
  105. Is a sniper targeting Malibu campers? Living newborn left near dumpster; Parents char
  106. Jodi Arias argues Nancy Grace stole her fair trial! What does Nancy say?
  107. The FBI who snares serial killer UNABOMBER reveals how he did it
  108. Evil Genius: Elliot Roger couldn't get a date, so he goes on deadly shooting rampage
  109. Evil Genius: 'Son of Sam' killer David Berkowitz says he's reformed & ready for freed
  110. Evil Genius: 'Dating Game' killer Rodney Alcala
  111. Evil Genius: Ted Bundy's decade of kidnapping, raping & killing across America
  112. An old VHS tape offers new clues in Sylvia Salenas murder
  113. Cold Case: Nadine O'Dell disappears on her way to babysit
  114. Florida's Missing Jennifer Kesse showered and dressed for work, then vanished
  115. New police chief re-opens '3 Billboards' murder case
  116. Cold Case: Little Haleigh Cummings disappears from bed
  117. Shocking revelations in 3-year-old Mariah Woods’ murder case
  118. Missing Mollie Tibbetts: Did Iowa college student vanish during evening jog?
  119. Mandalay Bay owner sues VICTIMS of the Las Vegas massacre launched from a hotel penth
  120. Who killed Atlanta grandmom? $100,000 reward posted!
  121. New hope for families of 8 murdered along Virginia's Colonial Parkway
  122. Virginia mom Bellamy Gamboa's missing, her ex is arrested
  123. Missing mom Bellamy Gambia, hear desperate 911 call; Where is Mollie Tibbetts?
  124. Family searches for answers in Susan Cox Powell mystery; Cops say mom & girlfriend bu
  125. Serial killer met women through Tinder & Uber rides, then killed them
  126. Sex assaulter Bill Cosby's new demand to a judge
  127. Mom danced while toddler starved to death; Twins go missing, but police don't search
  128. Opioid abuse is killing our children! What can you do?
  129. The chilling words & deeds of pedophile & killer Ricky Langley
  130. Crime Alert 08.13.18
  131. Crime Alert 08.14.18
  132. Dad of baby who died from lack of food or water: ‘Let the strong survive’
  133. (Arrest Made) Shannan Watts, 34, and two daughters, ages 3 & 4, Frederick, CO
  134. Crime Alert 08.15.18
  135. White man who claimed 'Stand Your Ground' immunity in black man's killing is charged!
  136. Crime Stories 08.16.18
  137. Crime Alert 08.17.18
  138. Waffle House shooter too crazy to stand trial for massacre?
  139. Crime Alert 08.20.18
  140. College intern found dead, mother begs for help on Chandra Levy’s case: 'Prosecutors
  141. Crime Alert 08.21.18
  142. Crime Alert 08.23.18
  143. Crime Alert 08.24.18
  144. BONUS Episode: Actress who accused film mogul of sex is herself accused of sex abuse
  145. Crime Alert 08.27.18
  146. Shayna Hubers on trial for fatally shooting boyfriend because he was dating beauty qu
  147. Crime Alert 08.28.18
  148. Mom drives across USA searching for daughter's killer & stops by Nancy's studio
  149. Crime Alert 08.29.18
  150. The Weinstein saga continues as Harvey Weinstein's lawyers mount a defense. Is it bas
  151. Crime Alert 08.30.18
  152. He's charged in multiple violent crimes including rape and the deaths of three women.
  153. Crime Alert 08.31.18
  154. Texas mother shoots and kills two little girls, police say
  155. Baby girl's horrific death after mommy laces sippy cup with deadly fentanyl
  156. 09.04.18
  157. Crime Alert 09.05.18
  158. Mommy plots murders of her 2 tot girls on GOOGLE!
  159. Crime Alert 09.06.18
  160. Mommy bludgeons 2-year-old son, then dumps body in woods.
  161. Crime Alert 09.07.18
  162. Monster who murdered a 9-year-old girl still walking free. Who killed Debbie Randall?
  163. Crime Alert 09.10.18
  164. Teen girl Abby kidnapped, tortured in plastic cargo container by American History fre
  165. Crime Alert 09.11.18
  166. Did Texas cop know the neighbor she fatally shot? Skylar Richardson's parents deny kn
  167. Crime Alert 09.12.18
  168. BTK Killer Dennis Rader speaks: A demon made him murder
  169. Crime Alert 09.13.18
  170. Serial killer doctor murdered dozens: The investigator who caught him
  171. Crime Alert 09.14.18
  172. Crime novelist who writes about how to kill a husband charged with murdering hubby
  173. 'Mind-boggling' questions in Botham Jean's death: His mom's lawyer speaks to Nancy
  174. Husband flee USA after wife's disappearance, he's now charged with murder
  175. Crime Alert 09.18.18
  176. Crime Alert 09.19.18
  177. Convicted sex offender walks free on technicality, kills two Arizona girls
  178. Crime Alert 09.20.18
  179. Arrest in stabbing murder of DC jogger; Elizabeth Smart kidnapper walks free; Border
  180. Crime Alert 09.21.18
  181. Golf star murdered on golf course; Jilted girlfriend's 'sinister' stalking campaign a
  182. Crime Alert 09.24.18
  183. Honey Malone: Sweet and ‘bubbly’ high school girl murdered at friend’s house and drag
  184. Crime Alert 09.25.18
  185. ‘Does June 27, 2000, mean anything to you? Molly Bish's mom never gives up search for
  186. Crime Alert 09.26.18
  187. Urgent search for missing autistic child! Trial starts in case of teen burned alive
  188. Crime Alert 09.27.19
  189. BONUS EPISODE: Oxygen's ‘Unspeakable Crime: The Killing of Jessica Chambers’
  190. Crime Alert 09.28.18
  191. BONUS: The case against Colorado dad Chris Watts
  192. Crime Alert 100
  193. Will Mississippi man go free in horrible burning murder of Jessica Chambers?
  194. Crime Alert 10.02.18
  195. 'Most wanted' ex-cop allegedly molested child, killed wife, fled to China
  196. Crime Alert 10.03.18
  197. What went wrong in Jessica Chambers retrial? Alabama teen charged with killing mom, s
  198. Crime Alert 10.04.18
  199. Gruesome revelations in Ohio's Rhoden family massacre point to 'professional hit'
  200. Crime Alert 10.05.18
  201. Crime Alert 10.05.18
  202. Millionaire allegedly kills wife, flees US with fortune; California cops launch podca
  203. Help us find missing children! Nancy focuses on several cases
  204. Crime Alert 10.09.18
  205. 10.08.18
  206. Jessica Chambers' mom talks for first time about mistrials in her daughter's murder
  207. Crime Alert 10.10.18
  208. Womb raiders cut Savanna Greywind open to steal baby, dump dead mom near river
  209. Crime Alert 10.11.18
  210. Thursday HOLD
  211. Crime Alert 10.12.18
  212. Torpedo to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's sex attack victims: charge dropped
  213. Crime Alert 10.15.18
  214. Pregnant woman vanishes from Chicago; Few clues in the search for missing Kierra Cole
  215. Crime Alert 10.16.18
  216. Many of America's missing children are human trafficking victims
  217. Crime Alert 10.17.18
  218. Crime Alert 10.18.18
  219. Big break in shootings a California campground; The sad saga of Farrah Fawcett's son
  220. Crime Alert 10.19.18
  221. Dad calls lawyer before 911 when he finds starved infant daughter dead
  222. Crime Alert 10.22.18
  223. Crime Alert 10.23.18
  224. Ex-NFL star Rae Carruth free 18 years after conspiring in pregnant girlfriend's murde
  225. Husband 'fake cries' in 911 call, but he's now charged with wife's murder
  226. Crime Alert 10.24.18
  227. *Merged* Missing teen Karlie Guse's mom raises questions: 'I just don't understand'
  228. Crime Alert 10.26.18
  229. Crime Alert 10.29.18
  230. Terrorist kills 11 worshipers in Pittsburgh synagogue: What can prevent these attacks
  231. Crime Alert 10.30.18
  232. Tuesday HOLD
  233. Crime Alert 10.31.18
  234. Convicted husband-killer Molly Corbett still claims hubby was the aggressor, wants co
  235. Crime Alert 11.01.18
  236. Justice for Meko as dog-killer groomer faces justice
  237. Crime Alert 11.02.18
  238. 'Tot Fight Club' exposed, but why aren't daycare workers charged?
  239. Crime Alert 11.05.18
  240. Woman-hating man attacks yoga studio, killing two women
  241. Crime Alert 11.06.18
  242. Vampire Tweens? Florida girls plan to murder students and drink their blood!
  243. Crime Alert 11.07.18
  244. 911 operator tells mom to slit dog's throat to stop attack on child
  245. Crime Alert 11.08.18
  246. Ex-marine shoots up California bar, killing a 12; Deputies suspected PTSD earlier
  247. Did teen kill mom over a bad grade? Thousand Oaks shooter's bizarre criticism of resp
  248. Bonus Episode: Colorado dad Chris Watts admits killing his pregnant wife & daughters
  249. New clues in the search for kidnapped NC teen Hania Aguilar
  250. Crime Alert 11.13.18