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  1. Turkey nurses 9 baby ducks after hawk kills mother
  2. Cecil the Lion killed by dentist Walter Palmer- Update on Cecil's pride
  3. Queensland considering ban on plastic bags to protect endangered marine life .
  4. On my walk to Aldi's-Quack Quack
  5. Bees chase car for two days to Rescue Their Queen!
  6. Orioles in the backyard, Lake Forest, CA
  7. Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Chased by an Elephant on African Safari
  8. Injured owl gives man who rescued her a 'hug' in sweet photo
  9. Rescued bear dances and plays in pool
  10. Frog hit by lawn mower flown to Cairns hospital for life-saving treatment.
  11. Kangaroo hops into Melbourne café.
  12. "We've got a visitor, and it's f---ing huge.
  13. 'Godzilla' lizard tries to break into Thailand home.
  14. Bear that walks like a human re-emerges in New Jersey
  15. Update: Dizzy the monkey returns home to the Zoo
  16. Friendly elk hangs out with wildfire crew
  17. Dork kangaroo gets its head stuck in a chip packet.
  18. Canberra woman thought she would die in wombat attack.
  19. Washington state to kill entire wolf pack
  20. Australia is beautiful: See a hawk literally throw a snake at an innocent family.
  21. Orphaned Baby Koala Finds a Friend in Plush Toy After His Mother Is Killed
  22. Queensland police discover baby koala inside woman’s bag after arrest.
  23. Cane toad sausages on menu for WA native wildlife.
  24. 'Tiger snake tinsel' found on Melbourne Christmas tree.
  25. Residents try to blockade rampant croc with wheelie bins in north Queensland.
  26. Snake photobombs SES worker's warning about floodwaters .
  27. Kangaroo has a bloody gutful of tailgating four wheel driver.
  28. Child attacked by kangaroo at Alabama animal park.
  29. Biggest Huntsman Ever.
  30. Elephant Hunter Killed
  31. Man who caught giant 13 Pound bullfrog says picture is no hoax!
  32. Cecil the lion's son has been murdered
  33. Biffing koalas stop traffic in Adelaide.
  34. Red-bellied black snake hitches ride on outside of ute .
  35. Man killed by suspected brown snake bite.