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  1. Pennsylvania "mom" admits kicking 2 year old daughter to death
  2. 5 and 5year Old Boys Tortured By Mom
  3. Texas Mother Facing Charges of Child Abuse of 8 Children
  4. Pa. parents accused of horribly abusing twin baby girls
  5. Three-year-old boy stomped to death by a close family friend.
  6. Toledo Police: 13-year-old held captive, shackled in basement for a year
  7. Home detention too lenient for genital mutilators, NSW court told .
  8. Parents Say They Want Justice For Baby's Bruises! *Abuser Sentenced to 3 Months!*
  9. Update: "Malik Drummond's Dad & Girlfriend Sentenced"
  10. 7-year-old Boy Left in Bear-Infested Mountain Region by Parents, Found Alive!
  11. Alexandria Vera, Teacher Sentenced to 10 Years for Sex with 13 Year Old
  12. (Graphic Case Content) Octavia Rogers: Mother Suspected Of Killing Her 3 Sons, Ages 8, 5, and 2 month old
  13. Cold case arrest over 6yo's death in Vic .
  14. Perth mother charged over home-alone kids.
  15. Qld man had 6000+ child porn files.
  16. Police: Parents pass out from synthetic drug with 2-week-old in car
  17. Dad jailed for raping, pimping daughter in Western Australia.
  18. Family dog kills 3 day old baby girl.
  19. 4 kids fatally stabbed in Memphis; mom in custody
  20. Two Men Sexually Abuse 10 month old Baby Girl.
  21. (Active Investigation) L.A. Couple Arrested Trying to Smuggle Daughter’s Corpse into Mexico
  22. Sheborah Thomas confesses to drowning her 2 children in tub, police say
  23. Prosecutor: Beating death of child in NJ followed fight over groceries
  24. (Graphic Case Content) Mom, boyfriend arrested after 10-year-old girl injected with meth, raped, killed, pol
  25. Teen weighed only 88 pounds, parents arrested
  26. Mom charged after second infant dies, allegedly from co-sleeping
  27. Photos of man gripping child's hair onto Walmart shopping cart prompts investigation
  28. Father who raped daughter for a decade will die in jail.
  29. Father accused of shoving fingers down infant's throat to stop crying
  30. (Case Update) Kyrian Knox, Dismembered 2 year old found in a Chicago Lagoon
  31. 55-Pound Alabama Teen Hospitalized After 2 Years in Basement
  32. Jeffrey Sandusky - son of Jerry Sandusky - charged with sexual assault of a minor
  33. (Child Death Left in Car) 2 yr old Florida Car Death
  34. Boy 5 Drowned by Mother in River,Boy 9 escaped with help from Dog. Vic.
  35. (Graphic Case Content) Abusive dad 'wanted coffee' as daughter died, court hears.
  36. (Active Investigation) Jaliek Rainwalker: Missing since 2007
  37. Follower of Christ twin dies
  38. Foster parents facing hundreds of sex crime charges, including ‘sexual torture’
  39. Toddler found on side of Covington, Ga. highway
  40. Isabel Celias
  41. (Active Investigation) Police search for identity of baby found abandoned in yard in Lakewood, WA
  42. (Active Investigation) Missouri infant found with fractured skull, mouth smeared with superglue
  43. Casey Anthony documentary filled with haunting reminders of Caylee
  44. Woman who killed 8 Children will not do jail time.
  45. Introduction of ‘chemical castration’ for paedophiles.
  46. 2 toddlers dead in car
  47. Indiana "mom" leaves baby in Car - No remorse
  48. "7 Week old infant left in van after church"
  49. Mom Accused of Killing Husband/4 Children Smiles in Court, Gives Thumbs-Up to Camera!
  50. (Child Death Left in Car) 2-year-old left in car found dead at mayor's house
  51. (Child Death Left in Car) 3-year-old found dead in day care van was in hot vehicle all day, Orlando police say
  52. Father of girl shot dead to remain behind bars as police probe tragedy.
  53. Judge fights to protect child killer.
  54. Teen’s Escape Leads to 13 More Sibling Victims, Some Chained To Beds
  55. Cherish Perwinkle; 8; FL
  56. Mother charged with murder after allegedly tossing daughter into Hillsboro River
  57. Baby found in diaper box
  58. Baby sustained injuries in attack to father
  59. Kathleen Folbigg.
  60. Mason Jet Lee.
  61. Baby found crawling across New Jersey road prompts investigation
  62. (Child Death) 2 children die after being left in hot cars in Florida
  63. A woman partied as her kids sat in a hot car. She’ll serve 40 years in prison for the
  64. Laura O'Keefe: After 45 years, her killer is found and arrested - thanks to DNA