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  1. Dr. Teresa Sievers was found slain in her Bonita Springs home, July 2015
  2. Shamima Rabbi and Golam Rabbi Murdered, San Jose, CA 4-23-16
  3. Murder of Terri "Missy" Bevers 45 Midlothian, Tx 4-18-2016
  4. McStay Family Murders, Fallbrook, CA Feb. 2010
  5. (Graphic Case Content) Rhoden Family Murders: Death certificates reveal new details about Ohio shootings
  6. Fifth Trial Planned in Bite-Mark Murder Case
  7. Michael Peterson A Convicted Killer is a Free Man
  8. Kristy Manzanares, husband arrested during Alaskan cruise
  9. D.B. Cooper
  10. Colorado cop killed veteran defending grandson from naked intruder
  11. On The Run.
  12. Nashville Police Looking for Cold Blooded Killers