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  1. Deceased: Clayton Foskey, 2 Year Old Boy, Hudson, FL
  2. Found: Jordan Lints (1) Male & Mariah Seelbach (3) Female, Frankfort, NY
  3. Found: Kiera Inman, 16 Year Old Female, Spokane, WA
  4. Found: Dylan Lounegov, age 7, Walnut Creek, CA
  5. Found: America Arellano, 7 Year Old Female, Colorado Springs, CO,
  6. Found: Cynthia Montoya, 11 months, and Marae Montoya, 3, Clinton Davis, UT
  7. Found: Sapphire Palmer, 7 Year Old Female, Hamburg Township, MI
  8. Found: Samuel Dowden, 35, daughters Baleigh, 4, Madelyn 2, missing from Sardis, MS
  9. Found: Cody Michael, 23 Year Old Male & his German Sheperd, Placer County, CA
  10. (Case Update) Found: Nevaeh Wyley, 6 Year Old Female, Cleveland , Ohio
  11. Found: Grayce Evans, 13, Missing from Seattle, WA
  12. Geraldine Largay, 66 Remains found 2 yrs after she went missing, Appalacian Trail
  13. Found: Natasha Boko 14 Heavily pregnant Melbourne Australia.
  14. Found: Salvagio Timothy Smith, Age 12, Humble, TX
  15. Found: Lyric (5) and Kerwin Gray (7), Males, Wheatfield, AZ
  16. Missing Bondi swimmer believed to be US university student.
  17. Found: Ethan, 12, Jayden Lawson, 10, and Sienna Dodd, 6 - Christies Beach, Australia
  18. Deceased: Damion Davidson, age 8, Duncan, OK
  19. Found: Lewis(10), Kaylee Dunn (9) & Kadyn Simon (6), Caldwell City, ID
  20. Found: Jay Aden Rice-Meyer, 15 days old, Buncombe County, NC
  21. Found: Tremiyah Rainer, Age 3, Memphis, TN
  22. Found: Brittany Rose Balcer, age 5, Bemidji, MN
  23. Found: Family of Six go Missing on Camping Holiday Victoria Australia.
  24. Found: Layla Munholland, 3 Year Old Female, Van Buren, AR
  25. Deceased: Alexis Wartena, 7 Year Old Female, Amarillo, TX
  26. Found: Jocelyn Lewis, 5 Year Old, Female, QLD, Australia
  27. (Case Update) Found Safe: Brooklyn Smith, 12 Year Old Female, Gainesville, GA
  28. Found: Gahrett Moulton, 9 Year Old Male, Vandalia, IL
  29. Found: Merleah Guinn, 3 Year Old Female, Santa Rosa, NM
  30. Found: Sandy Moore, 16 Year Old Female, Sheridan, MT
  31. Found Safe: Niki Moori and her 4 Children, Auroa, CO
  32. Found Safe: Skyla Lashay Wilson, 2 Year Old, Cleveland, TN
  33. Found Safe: Liliea Walker, 4 Year Old Female, Pine Springs, AZ
  34. Found Safe: Leia Wood, 1 Year Old Female, Great Falls, MT
  35. Found Safe: Douglas Ball, 5 Year Old Male, Port Huron, MI
  36. (Case Update) Found Safe: Joslynn (2) Brayden (3) and Rylee Watkins (5), Gorman, CA
  37. Found Safe: Ava Byrne, 3 Year Old Female, Nescopeck, PA
  38. Mark and Jacoba Tromp...NSW Australia.
  39. Found Safe: Syncere Valliant, 9 Month Old, Male, Independence, MO
  40. Found Safe: Neveah (2) & Davion McCollum (6), Greensboro, NC
  41. Found Safe: Robin Roberts, 15 Year Old Female, Brunswick, OH
  42. Ben Dean 6 year old Beechworth Vic.
  43. Found Safe: Vivian Head 12, Brady Merworth 9, Gentry, Arkansas
  44. (Case Update) Found Safe: Katherine 13, 2 wk old son Christopher Derleth, Edwardsville, IL
  45. Update: Found Safe Callen Wright, 4 yr old male, Nampa, Idaho
  46. Found Safe: Emily Dowdle, 11, Catawba, NC *Missing after getting off school bus*
  47. Found Safe: Tirzah Fujii, 37, Soriah, age 1, Malakai, age 7, Chicago, IL
  48. (Case Update) *Deceased* Erica Lynn Parsons, 13 Year Old, Salisbury, NC *Disappeared 11/19/2011*
  49. Found Safe: Tabitha Tillery, 12 yo Female, Saginaw, TX
  50. Found Safe: Kalia Martinez, 14 Months Old, Female, San Antonio, TX
  51. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Ifunanya “Vivian” Anaekwe, 16, New Orleans, LA
  52. Found Safe: Brendaly Martinez, 6 year old female, Fort Worth, Texas
  53. Found Safe: Rebecca Lewis, 4 year old female, Lakeland, FL
  54. Found Safe: Caden Rhew, 11 Year Old Male, South Ogden City, UT
  55. Found Safe: Amiya Morris, 13 year old female, Liberty, MO
  56. (Case Update) Found Safe: Marvie Gardner, 3 Year Old Male, Detroit, MI
  57. Found Safe: Tyzira (7) and Tyana Jones (5), Greenville, NC
  58. Found Safe: Danika Packard, 6 year old female, Spokane Valley, WA
  59. Found Safe: Henry Massey, 7 mo old male, Guerneville, CA
  60. Found Safe: Trey Ossenkop, 8 year old male, Arlington, TX
  61. Found Safe: Maximus Garcia Ramos, 2 month old male, Baja, CA
  62. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Zoey Rogers, 7 Years Old Female, Harker Heights, TX
  63. Found Safe: Xavier Billings, 8 month old male, Dekalb County, TN
  64. Found Safe: Carl Conyers, 21 year old male, Houston, TX
  65. Found Safe: Ser Je Da Be, 13 Year Old Female, Fort Wayne, IN
  66. Found Safe: Juliette Cuadra, 3 Year Old Female, Salt Lake City, UT
  67. Found Safe: Savinya Kimball, 12 Year Old Female, Safford, AZ
  68. Found Safe: Aleionna Wilson, 14 Months Old, Female, Kent WA
  69. (Case Update) Found Safe: Jaddah Rodgers, 16 Year Old Female, Beckley, WV
  70. Found Deceased: David Puckett, 6 Year Old Male, Aurora, CO
  71. Found Safe: Joanna L Radke, Olney, Ill
  72. Found Safe: Morgan (12) & Landon (11) Griffin, Males, Des Moines, IA
  73. Found Safe: Johnny (8) & Joseph Dinapoli (12) Englewood, CO
  74. (Case Update) Found Safe: Josiah Branham, 2 year old male, Wilmington, NC
  75. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Marcus Hatch, 16 year old male, Ponte Vedra Beach FL
  76. Found Safe: Jason (2), Aaliyah ( 3), and Isac Frausto (5), Houston, TX
  77. (Open Case) Kamiyah Mobley Found 18 Years After 1998 Kidnapping!
  78. (Open Case) Found after more than 30 years missing, Kimberly Yates 35, Kelly Yates, 32
  79. Found safe: Jace Lyon, 9 year old male, Hillsdale, MI
  80. Found Safe: Monica Lamping, 29, Kai, 7 yo male, Oria 9 mos female, Virginia Beach, VA
  81. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Janylia Fails, 4 year old female, Columbus, OH
  82. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Bane Wheeler, 2 Year Old Male, Port Richey, FL
  83. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Chastinea Reeves, 15 year old female, Gary, IN
  84. Found Safe: River Schomaker, 2 year old male, Portland, OR
  85. Found Safe: Brian Pullen, 9-month-old, Male - Overland, Missouri
  86. Found Safe: Aylin Hernandez, 6 Year Old Female, Bridgeport, CT
  87. (Active Investigation) Deceased: Elias Rodriguez, 14 year old male, San Fernando, CA
  88. Found Safe: Hayden M. Reyes, 13 year old male, Vancouver, WA
  89. Deceased: Toni Anderson
  90. Found Safe: Winston Ramey, 10 Month Old Male, Delta, OH
  91. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Elizabeth Thomas, 15 year old female, Maury County, TN
  92. (Case Update) Found Safe: Adormi Harris (11) and Imani Turner (3), Females, Clayton County, GA
  93. Found Safe: Christian Perkins, 11 Months Old Male, Gordo, AL
  94. Found Safe: Harlen Hulbert, 2 1/2 Year Old Male, Minneapolis, MN
  95. Found Safe: Arieyana Forney, 11 year old female, Charlotte, NC
  96. Found Safe: Ravin Briscoe (3) - Gavin Traylor (5) Willoughby Hills, OH
  97. Found Safe: Zoey Alexis Limon, 13 yo female, Merkel, TX
  98. (Active Investigation) Found Deceased: Tom Johnston, 46 yo male, Old Orchard Beach, ME
  99. Found Safe: Messiah Jones-Jarvis 1 yo, Dominique Jarvis 5 yo, Portsmouth, VA
  100. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Arasley Jimenez-Vasquez, 12 yo female, Atlanta, GA
  101. Found: Alissia Freeman "Alive & Well" - Highland Home, AL.
  102. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Precious Valdez, 5 Year Old Female, Hempstead, TX
  103. Found Deceased: Semaj Crosby, 1 year old female, Joliet Township, IL
  104. Found Safe: West Burnett, 6 Year Old Male, Venice, CA
  105. Found Safe: Iridian Perez 2-YR old girl, Thornton, CO.
  106. Found safe: Trinity Quinn, 15 Nashville, TN
  107. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Cassidy Bottoms, 15 Year Old Female, Winston Salem, NC
  108. Found Safe: Trinity Lopez, 13 yo autistic female, Douglas County, GA
  109. Found Safe: Solomon Rhoades, 1 yo male, Columbus, IN
  110. Found Safe: McKenzie Wilson, 12 Year Old Female, Lyndon, NY
  111. Found Safe: Four Children, Mother Kidnapped at Gunpoint, Lexington, TN
  112. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Alanda McCoy, 4 yo old female, Milton, FL
  113. Found Safe: 4yr old Kimberly Long, Smyth County, VA
  114. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Stormie Clemmer, 15 yo female, Alpine, TX
  115. Found Safe: 6 children lost near Topaz Mountain while camping with parents
  116. Found Safe: Brealdyn McIntyre-Cotton, Kenzly McIntyre-Cotton, Havok Cotton-Paris, TX
  117. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Sondra Renee, 2 yo female, Detroit, MI
  118. (Case Resolved) Found Deceased: Joseph Orbeso, 21 & Rachel Nguyen, 20, Joshua Tree National Park, CA
  119. Found safe: Bracie Schivers, 1, Norman, OK
  120. Found safe: Amber Alert issued for missing 4-year-old Jupiter boy. Dominic Caprio.
  121. Found Safe: Priscilla Martinez, 13 yo female, Donna, TX
  122. Found Safe: Zion Byrd, 4yo male, Memphis, TN
  123. Couple missing after jumping into croc-infested river to evade police.
  124. Found Deceased: Andrew Kast, 5 yo male, Indianapolis, IN
  125. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Zy'Rah Nicole Holliday, 3 yo female, Spring Lake, NC
  126. Found Safe: Caitlyn Frisina 17-year-old girl may be with a 27-year-old soccer coach
  127. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Shamali Flores, 6 week old female, Houston, TX
  128. (Active Investigation) Found Safe: Lilli Griffith, 14 yo F, Lulu Bandera-Margaret 7 yo F, Round Rock, TX
  129. Found safe: Miracle Wheeler, 4 yo female, Chicago, IL
  130. Found Safe: 4 year old Girl Bathurst Australia.
  131. FOUND SAFE: Girl snatched from Reagan National Airport
  132. Found Safe: Authorities Search for Missing Jackson County Oregon Mother and Daughters
  133. Found Deceased: Missing Maddox: 6-year-old boy's dad speaks *merged threads*
  134. (Open Case) FOUND ALIVE : Jayme Closs/Wisconsin girl disappears/both parents are shot dead at hom
  135. Found deceased: Texas, Emily Wade found in flooded creek
  136. NC -Found Alive: Casey Hathaway, 3, Ernul, Craven County, 22 Jan 2019
  137. FOUND SAFE: Crime Alert 01.31.19/Savannah Pruit
  138. Found Safe: Amber Alert! 6 yr old Ethan Robertson, Spokane
  139. Two-year-old Ruben Scott Outback Queensland.