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  1. Jahi Mcmath. UPDATE: Jahi died on June 22, 2018
  2. Noahs Ark.
  3. Belly Button Fluff Beer.
  4. Cyclist's fake breasts ruptured by bouncing kangaroo.
  5. Tobacco lobbyists mocked for mangling Aussie accent.
  6. "Woman Quits Job To Experience "Magical Bond" of Breastfeeding Boyfriend"
  7. Who are the mysterious 'men in black'?
  8. Freedom-craving Russian robot to be dismantled after second escape attempt.
  9. US mum speaks with British accent after surgery.
  10. Don’t Eat That Weird Shaped Cheeto, It Could Be Worth $$$!
  11. Man named Larry Gambles wins the lottery twice in nine years with the same numbers
  12. Loud Lamborghini and Tom Jones on repeat flaming Brisbane neighbourhood dispute.
  13. 'Snow White' cottage for sale in Kitsap County, Washington
  14. Queensland police probe whether hiker faked disappearance.
  15. When ‘Everyone’s Grandma’ Is the Town’s Little League Thief
  16. Huge Ipswich sinkhole leaves elderly couple temporarily homeless.
  17. Woman catches Mississippi's longest alligator on record
  18. Clowns Trying to Lure Children into Woods in South Carolina!
  19. Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up on river in Louisiana
  20. Four-wheel-drive filmed rolling off the back of a barge.
  21. Theories About What Exactly Happened in the Jamison Family Murders
  22. 18 year old calls 911 greets police with mother's severed head in one hand......
  23. Police search for ID of woman claiming to be mermaid
  24. (Graphic Case Content) 3 people indicted for female mutilation!
  25. Sick Murder Defense Tactic! - Florida Man Acquitted of Choking Girlfriend
  26. Girl Scout Leader Arrested for Stealing 6,000 Boxes of Cookies!!
  27. Woman Killed by Exploding Cream Canister.
  28. (Media) World War II pilot's remains found in tree, return for burial 72 years later