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  1. protectkidz's Avatar
    I hope it's just a normal reaction. And hope the meds are doing their job.

    You've gotten so much done this summer, giver yourself the rest you need. I can't stand the night sweats, drives me crazy.
  2. SweetC's Avatar
    Thanks, pk. The nurses say attitude is everything so I'm trying to keep a positive one. The fact that the weather is so hot hasn't helped this summer in that I can't get out as much as I would like.
  3. protectkidz's Avatar
    hang in there, Sweet.

    you are a true warrior
  4. maryjane's Avatar
    ^^ Pk said it!

    I hope the side effects ease up, Sweet. Your body is probably still acclimating to the meds. The break after your Sept. infusion/injection schedule will be nice!
  5. SweetC's Avatar
    Hello, ladies.

    Labs today - platelets and WBC are normal. Hemocrit at 11.8 which is only -.2 below normal. Kidney function is normal. Yeah. The NP said I am doing great. I feel better today, too. Not so wobbly and didn't get weak walking to clinic even though it was hot. Thank you all for your encouragement and support.
  6. SweetC's Avatar
    Today I sat by a lady who just finished radiation. She was there for a 'flush.' I don't know exactly what that means, but she got an iv and drip so maybe just for hydration? Anyway, she showed me her neck. It was so burned. Sweetest lady - wanted me to say a prayer for her. She is going to Ireland next week for a family reunion. Other family members from FL, NJ and MY are attending also. If you will say a prayer that she encounters no difficulties and has a wonderful time with her family.
  7. maryjane's Avatar
    That is great news, Sweet! So glad to hear it, I hope the trend continues .

    And you got it re: prayers for the lady who just finished radiation. I hope she feels well and can enjoy her trip to Ireland.
  8. SweetC's Avatar
    Free week starting Monday - no infusion, no injection, and no pills. Yeah.
  9. maryjane's Avatar
    Woo-hoo! That is great, Sweet! Enjoy your week off .
  10. SweetC's Avatar
    Got my 10th Velcade (injection) and dex (infusion) today. Saw my doctor in the hallway. He said 'come here, I need a hug.' Then he told me we would meet in a couple of weeks and review results. Labs today included all of the myeloma markers. Fingers crossed.
    My friend is MS who was diagnosed in 2001? is having a bone marrow test soon. Her m-spike was high so they are going to see what is going on. Prayers please for her peace of mind.

    Love you guys.

    PS - tomorrow is dex "UP" day. Shrubs to trim = borrowed son's electric trimmer. HAHA
  11. protectkidz's Avatar
    I knew it when I saw your post this morning, I was thinking this is your UP day Praying for your friend, and for you. Glad you are eating, too
  12. SweetC's Avatar
    I probably share to much, but maybe others can learn from it. I got a call from the billing department re an insurance company 'co-pay' and I paid it that day. Apparently, she didn't like my having to pay that 'co-pay'. She or someone from billing called the 'financial aid' office and the next thing I know an appointment with this individual popped up on my schedule visits so I went to see him. He had me fill in papers and I got approval letter today saying my request has been approved - this foundation will pay for my 12 infusions and injections. Saves me a lot of money. Another thing I can add to my 'blessed' list.
  13. SweetC's Avatar
    Thank you, pk and patriot. Life is good.
  14. SweetC's Avatar
    Today - infusion and injection. Of course, the dex is helping w/cold already. I feel energized. lol

    Got results of IGA, IGG, and IGM = all are normal. YES!

    Kappa light chain greatly improved. Lambda has gone up, not down, but ratio is so much better = 3.08, last time it was 25.42 so that is good too. Objective of ratio is .26 - 1.65.

    One more session - I hope. Fingers crossed.
  15. ~tj~'s Avatar
    That's awesome news sweet!!!!!! Hang in there!
  16. SweetC's Avatar
    Thank you ~tj~.
  17. protectkidz's Avatar
    such good news, Sweet!!!!!!
  18. SweetC's Avatar
    Thanks, pk.

    Have not had my after dex lift today. Got the shrubs trimmed but ran out of steam to get clippings hauled away. Probably due to cold. Oxygen saturation yesterday was only 94%.
  19. maryjane's Avatar
    Very happy you're feeling better, Sweet .

    The clippings will still be there when you feel up to hauling them away (unfortunately). In the mean time, allow yourself some rest .
  20. Copperdog's Avatar
    Saying prayers for you Sweet.
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