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Life's Journey

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  1. dingo's Avatar
    Hugs Sweet,you are one strong lady.
  2. SweetC's Avatar
    PK. PAJS and dingo. - Thank you.
  3. maryjane's Avatar
    I you, Sweet! What a journey , and what a great attitude. Thank God for modern medicine and for the dr. who diagnosed you in the early stages and kept a careful watch. I wish you much success with the current treatments and am glad you're doing so well. Please keep us updated as you can, this blog is a great idea!
  4. glow's Avatar
    I have cried tears...first welling up at your courage and then at the end of your story - tears of happiness!

    I always thought you were amazing and boy has that been an underestimation on my part! Much love to you - you are a walking success story!
  5. SweetC's Avatar
    Thanks to all of you for your kind words. It helps knowing you are in my corner.
  6. SweetC's Avatar
    I should tell you that I am not that brave. I have no choice in having this disease, but I do have a choice in how I deal with it. It helps that right now I am not ill. I am anemia, but I have no cancer in my bones or organs, and for that I am thankful.
  7. SweetC's Avatar
    Today is infusion and injection day. I also have an appointment with the NP and I am going to push for something to be done about my sore throat. 5 weeks is long enough for OTC/or to let nature take its course.
  8. maryjane's Avatar
    Hope everything goes well, Sweet .

    I'm glad you're going to ask about the sore throat. There had been so many viruses/infections going around, you may need some meds to knock it out.
  9. protectkidz's Avatar
    Let us know how it goes, Sweet! Hugs!!!
  10. SweetC's Avatar
    Infusion and injection was a breeze today. Got a nurse who wasn't as talkative as the one who usually does it so got through quickly.

    NP looked at my throat and ears and sent in a prescription for Flo-Nase (I know that's not the correct spelling) She said I have lots of fluid behind both ears and the drainage is what's making/keeping my throat sore.

    Labs = WBC is normal, RBC higher than it's been in a while. I think she said 10.7.

    I asked her what they look at to see if progress is being made. She said 'light chains' and will check them the next time I have labs (maybe next month).

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Love you guys.
  11. SweetC's Avatar
    This is a lol. On the day after I have the Dex (steroid) I can move mountains SO I'm thinking those 6 holes I need dug for plants (shrubs) may get dug in the morning.
  12. maryjane's Avatar
    Glad it went well, Sweet. Hope the Flonase does it's magic (IIRC, it's a steroid, too! ). Don't overdo on digging those holes, even if you feel like Super Woman .

    Updated 07-11-2017 at 02:34 PM by SweetC
  13. SweetC's Avatar
    Maryjane - I didn't mean to click 'edit' on your post.

    Granddaughter is here and must admit we're both feeling 'lazy' this morning.
  14. maryjane's Avatar
    No worries, Sweet !

    I hope the two of you have a relaxing day!
  15. SweetC's Avatar
    I talked with the SIL of one of the individuals from MS (also a descendant of the Collums family) who had MM. She said Ann battled MM for 18 years.
  16. maryjane's Avatar
    With all the treatments available today (and early detection), I think it's a reasonable expectation to be able to keep full blown MM at bay indefinitely. I surely hope that is the case for you, Sweet .
  17. SweetC's Avatar
    Thanks, Maryjane. I plan to be around a long time.
  18. protectkidz's Avatar
    We plan to keep you, too!!!!
  19. SweetC's Avatar
    Thanks, pk.
  20. maryjane's Avatar
    What you and pk said!
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