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  1. SweetC's Avatar
    Thought I would share this. Some might be interested in reading about this program. I haven't been contacted other than through this letter:
    Oncology Care ModelBeneficiary Notification Letter

    Cancer Institute - Faris Road is participating in a Medicare initiative called the Oncology Care Model
    (OCM). You are receiving this letter because your health care provider has identified you as a patient who may receive care through this initiative. Oncology practices participating in the Oncology Care Model, including Cancer Institute - Faris Road, will work with Medicare to improve cancer care for patients receiving chemotherapy.

    Your Medicare rights have not been changed.

    You still have all the same Medicare rights and protections, including the right to choose which health care provider you see. However, because Cancer Institute - Faris Road chose to participate in the Oncology Care Model, all of Cancer Institute - Faris Road's Medicare beneficiaries who meet the eligibility criteria of this initiative will receive care under the initiative, including access to patient-focused services (listed below). If you do not wish to receive care under the Oncology Care Model, you must choose a health care provider who does not participate in this initiative to receive care. Regardless of which health care provider you see, Medicare will continue to cover all of your medically necessary services.

    The Oncology Care Model aims to improve cancer care.

    The Oncology Care Model was designed to help ensure that you receive the right care at the right time by giving your health care provider extra resources to manage your cancer care. Your health care provider will use these resources to give you access to the patient-focused services listed below. Medicare will monitor Cancer Institute - Faris Road to make sure you and other people with Medicare receive quality care. Cancer Institute - Faris Road will regularly receive information from Medicare about its participation in the initiative.

    You will receive access to patient-focused services.

    As part of the Oncology Care Model, Cancer Institute - Faris Road will give you access to patient-focused services aimed at meeting your individual needs while you are receiving chemotherapy or hormonal therapy. Under the initiative, you can:
    • Contact a health care provider who has access to your medical records 24 hours aday, 7 days a week
    • Work with your health care provider to create a detailed care plan that meets your needs
    • Work with your health care provider to access other patient-focused supportive services

    This letter is only meant as a notification. No action is required on your part.

    Talk to your health care provider to learn more about these patient-focused services.
    These patient-focused services are called Enhanced Services, and Medicare pays for these services via the Monthly Enhanced Oncology Services (MEOS) payment (G9678). Claims for the MEOS payment will appear on your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) (Medicare billing statement) as “Oncology Care Model {OCM) Monthly Enhanced Oncology Services {MEOS) payment for enhanced care manage {G9678).” Note that the date of service on the MSN may be different from the date on which you actually received services and a health care provider in the practice—other than the health care provider you actually saw—may bill for that service. As shown under the “Maximum You May Be Billed” section of the MSN for the MEOS claim, you will not be responsible for paying for any portion of these patient-focused services; Medicare will cover the full amount of these services.
  2. SweetC's Avatar
    BTW - the dex (steroid) kicked in yesterday and will probably last most of today. This is when I do all of my hard work. lol
  3. SweetC's Avatar
    Interesting note. You know how your spit will remove your blood from clothing. Monday the infusion site bled a little and I got some on my top so this morning I spit on the spots and not only did the blood come out, but it took some of the color out of my top. Top is peach colored, the spots are now light yellow. This happened to another top and I just made the connection.
  4. protectkidz's Avatar
    hmmmm, I wonder if it's the meds that make your spit super-powered?
  5. maryjane's Avatar
    The patient focused services sound good, Sweet. Also sounds like that will part of your regular care .

    I agree with pk...super spit, for sure!
  6. SweetC's Avatar
    I guess I shouldn't be giving anyone big wet kisses, huh?
    @Maryjane- I hope they call me soon.

    The doctor's office is supposed to call my revlimid prescription in for home delivery. This morning I checked with pharmacy and she said they haven't called in the script. I'm supposed to start taking it again Monday. I know everyone is busy but I am telling you - as a patient you have to stay on top of everything.
  7. SweetC's Avatar
    My nose and around my mouth have been feeling numb. Figured out that is from the Velcade.
  8. SweetC's Avatar
    I was reading yesterday. If this round of meds work and I go into remission - on average it lasts 35 months.
  9. maryjane's Avatar
    Praying for that remission, Sweet...and I hope it lasts even longer than that!

    Is the numbness from the Velcade something that will subside with time?
  10. SweetC's Avatar
    @Maryjane- numbness - Have an appt. tomorrow. I'm going to ask if it will go away.
  11. maryjane's Avatar
    Let us know what you find out, Sweet. I hope it's temporary...good luck at your appointment!
  12. SweetC's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by maryjane
    Let us know what you find out, Sweet. I hope it's temporary...good luck at your appointment!
    I've noticed that it became less noticeable toward the end of the week.

    I'm so excited. Saw doctor today. He said my numbers are great and he thinks he's going to take me off the Dex and Velcade after this round (8/7, 8/14, & 8/21) and leave me on the Revlimid only. He will check M-spike following this round to make his determination.

    Thanks everyone who said a prayer for me.
    Updated 07-25-2017 at 10:41 PM by SweetC
  13. ~tj~'s Avatar
    Wow Sweet that's awesome news!! And weird about the saliva bleaching your clothes thing.

    Geeze I missed all kinds of posts on this?

    This is great news! Keep up the good work and keep us posted!
  14. SweetC's Avatar
    Thanks, ~tj~. I met with nutritionist this morning. Not a whole lot of new information but a reminder to add protein to carb snacks, i.e., cheese, hummus, peanut butter. Said Fiber One and Kashi products are excellent for balance when one is tired of regular breakfast foods.
  15. maryjane's Avatar
    Yay!! That is GREAT news, Sweet, I am so, so happy for you .

    **doing the happy dance with and for Sweet**

  16. SweetC's Avatar
    Thanks, Maryjane.

    I must admit I am pleased & surprised because I thought I was in for at least 6 rounds of the Dex and Velcade,
  17. protectkidz's Avatar
    this is awesome news!!!!!

    I pretty much live on tuna and egg salad, I LOVE PROTEIN!!!!!!!
  18. SweetC's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by protectkidz
    this is awesome news!!!!!

    I pretty much live on tuna and egg salad, I LOVE PROTEIN!!!!!!!
    I'm trying.

    I had a tuna sandwich for dinner last night, and the other half for breakfast at 6:30 this morning. lol

    Just got home from the grocery store. Picked up some of the Fiber One bars, hummus and cheese (already had peanut butter), and more snacking veggies. Also, some glutton free chips in case my DIL comes by and wants a snack.
  19. maryjane's Avatar
    You're already on a protein roll, Sweet, you've got this! And it all sounds delicious, lol. That helps . I bet Sara will get right on board and have some good ideas and be more than happy to prepare some nutritious food/snacks, too .
  20. Patriot's Avatar
    SO great to hear!! I've been praying. Thank you Lord!
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