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    Waffle House shooter's delusions about Taylor Swift

    The Illinois man suspected of killing four people with an assault rifle in a Tennessee Waffle House told police last year he believed Taylor Swift was stalking him and had even stolen his Netflix password. Nancy Grace digs into the weekend massacre, the search for the shooter, and the hero who saved lives. Grace is joined in this episode by defense lawyer Jason Oshins, psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, reporter Chuck Roberts and RadarOnline reporter Alexis Tereszcuk. Grace also looks at the latest arrests of men who are stalking Taylor Swift.

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    Another senseless deaths because of a Mental health issue with someone that should never had a gun!! we need to start opening up
    these closed MENTAL HEALTH FACILIES!!

    Father of Waffle House shooting suspect had taken son's guns away 3 times and returned them, reports show
    April 24 2018

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    Four hundred miles away from Nashville, Tenn., the news of the Waffle House shooting and ensuing manhunt rattled many residents in this small, bedroom community about 10 miles southeast of Peoria.
    The town of 16,000, which touts itself as the Pumpkin Capital of the World, is made up of undulating, two-lane roads lined with farmland and punctuated with grand houses. Agricultural and industrial giants such as Caterpillar Inc. are the major employers of the area.
    Morton, many say, is protective of its image as a family-friendly hamlet with great quality of life. The village website boasts its recognition as “One of the Top 10 Places to Raise a Family” by Family Circle Magazine in 2013.
    That image was marred after Nashville authorities announced a 29-year-old Morton native was the suspect in Sunday’s restaurant rampage, which left four dead and four injured. The man fled after a customer wrestled his gun away.

    Travis Reinking was taken into custody without incident nearly 34 hours after the deadly shooting, Nashville police said. He was found near his Nashville apartment with a backpack that police said contained a semi-automatic firearm as well as ammunition.
    What could have motivated the shooting remained unknown, authorities said. Reinking requested a lawyer after his arrest and refused to answer questions or make a statement, Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, said at a news briefing. Reinking was taken to a hospital before he was to be booked on four counts of criminal homicide, Aaron said.
    “It’s not the way you want your town to be advertised,” said a woman who’s lived in Morton since 1991. She said she was stunned when she saw her hometown flash across the television.
    “I saw Morton right across there, and I said, ‘Oh, no,’ ” said the woman, who was walking her dog in town Monday. She said she did not want to be identified because she didn’t want to be associated with the incident. “I just think he needed help and didn’t get it, just another one of those sad stories.”
    Reinking was regarded as somewhat of a loner, who was considered by some to be socially awkward, according to friends. He came from a Christian family and was home-schooled, but he also took some classes at nearby Tremont High School. Reinking took a strong interest in photography and was often seen with his camera.

    Reinking’s encounters with law enforcement before the Waffle House shooting were unknown to many until a Sunday afternoon news conference by the Tazewell County sheriff’s office.
    “You never think that you’d know somebody like that or be connected to someone who could do something so heinous like that. It’s a tragedy. I don’t like to talk about politics, but something needs to be done on mental health,” the Morton woman said.


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