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    Golden State Killer survivors & victims' family speak live at CrimeCon 2018

    With the arrest of Joseph DeAngelo, who allegedly murdered at least a dozen people and rape more than 50 women between 1976 and 1986, the survivors and the families of the dead are telling their stories. Four of them talked to Nancy Grace for a special Crime Stories live event at CrimeCon2018. Jane Carson-Sandler was the 5th victim of what was then known as Sacramento's "East Area Rapist." Margaret Wardlow was the youngest to be assaulted by Sacramento's "East Area Rapist." Debbi Domingo was a teenager in 1981 when the "Golden State Killer" murdered her mother. Michelle Cruz is the surviving sister of Janelle Cruz, who is the last known victim to be raped and beaten to death by the "Golden State Killer." Nancy is also joined by forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, private detective Vincent Hill, juvenile judge Ashley Willcott, and lawyer Renee Rockwell.

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    Thank you Blaize. I am so glad he has been caught. The first time I heard about him was in the Richard Ramirez book. "Night Stalker" I think. He had 40 years of freedom. Like a second lifetime. Outrageous. I am also a little concerned about myself since I sent my DNA to one of those companies that tell you about your ancestry. Of course it was a rip off. I guess I will just have to live a legal life LOL
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