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    'Momo challenge' encourages self-harm, suicide.

    CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -A new internet challenge targeting children could be deadly, and tech experts believe it’s spreading rapidly online.
    Researchers suspect the “Momo challenge” may be moving into the greater Cincinnati area, if it hasn’t already.
    “I’d be shocked if it isn’t, just based on the fact that it seems to have gone viral very quickly,” said FOX19 NOW’s Tech Expert Dave Hatter.
    The game is believed to have originated on Facebook, but now works within the walls of a smartphone messaging app called “WhatsApp.” Hatter said WhatsApp is an incredibly useful app for the millions who use it for appropriate reasons, though in this case, Hatter said it’s very dangerous.
    The challenge encourages children to add a contact called “Momo.” When they do, they will come face-to-face with a creepy picture of a Japanese sculpture. Then, “Momo” starts to threaten the child, claiming to know personal information and making clear-cut threats.
    “Like this ‘Momo’ thing could say, ‘Well if you don’t do X, then we’ll hurt your sister Sally,’ or something like that,” said Hatter.
    In one case out of Argentina, police believe “Momo” intimidated and bullied a 12-year-old to the point she took her own life.

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    This reminds me of the stupid Slender Man crap or any number of dumb stuff impressionable kids will fall for. Very sad, really .

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    What? You purposefully download an app to threaten and abuse you til you die?!

    Who thinks of this shit???

    At this point I'm ready to go back to 1993. We had internet and phones but nothing so social - just simple.

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