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    Lonely, I'm so lonely :D

    According to the forum stastics it says there are or were 100 people looking at the politcs thread this afternoon. But when I click on new posts the only thread that shows is the LOL and a kitchen thread. I snooped around on all of the politics threads (ok, not all) and the most recent posts were showing from 2017. Yet there are numerous posters online as well as invisible peeps. I think I'm somehow missing the swinging, hiphop, rocking our 50 (yes. that happened in sept, gah) hot bodies.

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    I usually look at the politics threads that have activity on them....but I don't discuss politics with anybody, not even my hubby . That's just me, though. I hope some that are here reading will join in.

    FF, when you say some are invisible, are most or all of those posters the ones who have never posted? IIRC, when someone joins here, the default setting is invisible. The member would have to go into their user control panel to change that (new members SHOULD go to their user control panel to set their preferences anyway, just sayin' ). All of us were posting as invisible in the beginning and we didn't even know it! I am not sure why that is a default setting but I think it's something Blaize would have to go in and change.

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