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Thread: Noahs Ark.

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    Noahs Ark.

    There's not many of us with a spare $90million in the bank, there's perhaps even less of us who would use that money on building a 500-foot replica Noah's Ark.
    But that's what's happening in Kentucky, in the depths of Southern America, with a devout Christian and his helpers erecting a full-size wooden ship.
    The question on many people's lips might be a simple: "But why?"

    Well, the answer to that is simple. It's to become to the main attraction at a US biblical-themed amusement park called Ark Encounter, which is set to open in July.

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    At first I thought this might be a cool idea, but then I read this part of the article:

    But unsurprisingly, there's already been some controversy around the theme park, especially around their policy that they won't be hiring any gay employees.

    In fact, they said that "employees must oppose abortion, euthanasia, gay rights, and trans rights."
    Nothing says fun park like discrimination.

    FGS, sounds like someone's personal agenda behind the whole thing. What a shame .

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