Baiting posts happen for a myriad of reasons. However it's us as individual posters who determine our response.

We're each responsible for what we type in our own posts, and just because someone baits doesn't mean we're required to respond.

So with that in mind:

a. Use the report post feature for offensive posts. Please remember that what you consider baiting and what the moderator staff considers baiting may be different.
b. Ignore the baiter and simply don't respond to the post
c. Put the baiter on your ignore list
d. Leave the thread/forum until you cool down and can deal with the baiting post a little more objectively.
e. If you choose to respond, make sure it's not a flaming/baiting post. Double check your post, or let it sit a few hours or days, you hit reply.

Remember you are not required to read an offensive,baiting or flaming posts and You most certainly aren't required to respond to such content.