The Jamison family deaths may be one of the most tragic, puzzling, and infuriating cases you've ever heard. While there are so many theories about the Jamison family murders, most of them raise more questions than answers.

The Jamison family mystery is as follows: Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison, along with their daughter Madyson, disappeared on October 8, 2009. The family was thought to be looking to buy a 40 acre plot of land near Red Oak, OK. They packed up their truck and were never seen again.

The truck was found within a few days. Inside was their dog who was nearly starved to death. Not only that, the Jamison's IDs, phones, and, bizarrely $32,000 in cash were also found in the car. Back at the house, they found a witch's bible, as well as strange inscriptions scrawled on the inside of storage container owned by the family. Nobody knew what happened, but theories abounded. The Jamison family clues point all over the place.

Then things got really weird. In November 15, 2013, the skeletons of two adults and a child were found a few miles from where the truck had been. Although they were presumed to be the remains of the Jamisons, this wasn't confirmed until July 2014. And even then, the remains were so heavily decomposed there was no way to tell cause of death.

So, what happened to the Jamison family? Here are the theories.

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