Crustless Quiche

In 2 frying pans I start with 2 LBs cut up bacon (I just use my kitchen scissors to it before frying) and 1 box sliced up brown & serve sausage links (make sure it's not maple flavored) fried up in one, and 1 onion & 2 bell peppers fried up in the other.
In a big 9X13 glass pan toss all 4 of those things together. Then I add 2 of the bigger 7oz cans of chopped green chilis and a big can of mushrooms. Stir that all up and smoosh into the bottom of the pan. Beat up 18 eggs. Pour 1/3 off the eggs over the meat/veggies. Then add 8 slices of swiss cheese lined up nicely. Pour 1/3 more eggs. Then line up 8 slices of american cheese and the rest of eggs. Then throw on about 2 cups grated sharp cheddar on top. Bake on 350 until it puffs up like a cake. Let rest for 10 or 15 minutes. Cut squares of quiche and plate up with a fresh cold slice of tomato on top. It's also wonderful with a few sprinkles of jalapeno green Tabasco sauce if you like.