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    TSA Video - SNC PatDown

    This is a facebook post but it appears to be public as people are sharing it like crazy.

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    I am not seeing the molestation that others are commenting about. And I find that so disrespectful to real molestation counts. I do believe it was ridiculous to do, but in part blame the mother for requesting a different check for her son, it just sends red flags and causes them to do the most search option.
    We went to the airport to pick up my cousin and had to go through check points, I was a little worried about the girls going through, not because they may be patted down but just that they would behave. If they got picked to get a pat down, I would have talked to them first and assured them it was ok. As it turned out they were fine and waved right through. We were even told kids under 12 don't have to take off shoes.

    This is the second video of a child being patted down where the parent is all up in arms and wanting TSA to fire people and refunds for their flights.... How their child is now totally distraught and upset, and may never get over it. Both TSA agents patted over and over again, and they are both called "molesters" even though they never touched the child.

    Do people not talk to their kids??
    I told the girls in little detail what was going to happen and if other things came up, planned to address it at the time - no need to overwhelm them.
    If my child was autistic or had other issues, I would show up way early at an airport because you never know what will happen in lines.

    I just am not seeing the outrage for this as being logical.

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    I don't see anything about the mother saying she felt it was molestation? I might have missed that part.

    But yes, if we were kept from our flight for something such as this, held for over an hour even though they had no reason to do so, I'd be royally pissed off too.

    The kid is practically naked, they found nothing. He didn't set off any alarms, he was respectful and cooperative. I've been frisked on numerous occasions but never to that degree, total overkill on the part of TSA.

    I'm wondering if they dragged it out because they were not happy she videotaped it?

    eta: I didn't listen to sound, tho, so no idea if she was giving them a bunch of crap.

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