Ding! A Wellesley family asked Tom Hanks for a typewriter, and he delivered
December 18, 2017

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Tom Hanks loves typewriters. So much so that the Academy Award-winning actor has been known to give them away as gifts, with the expectation that recipients would use them.
A Wellesley family decided to test this theory in September after watching a documentary Hanks was featured in called “California Typewriter,” in which the actor known as America’s Dad and others riff about their love for the old ink-stained machines and the tactile pleasures of using them in the age of autocorrect

Wellesley resident Nick de Peyster, a 51-year-old father of three, wrote Hanks a letter promising that if Hanks gave the family a vintage typewriter, it wouldn’t sit on a shelf gathering dust. Instead, he wrote, the de Peysters would send out weekly typewritten notes and pay it forward by buying a typewriter for another family
On Saturday, nearly four months after sending the letter, the de Peysters found a box at the front door containing ablack case with a tag that said “The Tom Hanks Collection.” Inside was an autographed Olympia Red De Luxe typewriter. It was gray with dark gray keys

Two weeks ago I was saying .*.*. ‘Well, I guess we’re not getting any typewriter from Tom Hanks,” de Peyster said. “And then Saturday, ‘What’s this box?’ ”
There was an autographed typed note with the headline: “Eleven Reasons to use a Typewriter” by Tom Hanks. Among the best reasons: “Your penmanship is illegible,” “You are just too thickheaded to figure out a computer,” and “The Communists are back in power.”
There was also a “Hanx-O-Gram” that read: “This is something of a state of the art machine. Save the rather faded ribbon.

Note 2 weeks ago I watched a special on CNN with Tom Hanks and he was showing his collection of typewriters who knew he is my favorite Actor!!:ibgok:

Tom Hanks typewriter going to this family!!
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