Justin Ross Harris: Monster ‘dad’ who left baby to slowly bake inside hot car is fighting for new trial on anniversary of son’s death

June 18, 2019

Five years after a Georgia man left his toddler son inside a hot car for eight hours, he’s still hoping to be released from prison one day and awaiting his court date after filing an appeal.

AJD reports that Justin Ross Harris still insists that his son Cooper’s death was an accident. Harris said he thought he dropped the little boy at daycare and had no idea he was still inside the car as he went to work for the day at the Home Depot office in Vinings .


In 2016, a jury convicted Harris of malice murder and sentenced him to life in prison. He’s currently housed in a segregation unit at Macon State Prison, for his own protection, according to his attorney, Carlos Rodriguez.

“Prison changes you,” Rodriguez said.

Harris continues to push for a new trial on grounds that “prejudicial testimony” made it an “absolute impossibility” for him to receive a fair trial, according to the outlet. Harris’ defense team argued that showing evidence of affairs and sexual addiction tainted the jury’s view of Harris.

The defense team also argued that the court stopped them from questioning the credibility of the police officers who testified during his trial.

No court date has been set for Harris, but Rodriguez said the man holds onto hope that he’ll eventually prove his innocence.

“He still has that optimism, still has his faith, still has his sharpness. Ross is going to be another chapter in that book of wrongly convicted persons who is eventually found innocent.”

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